Many are called... Few are chosen


Are you the best at what you do? Are you looking for something truly unique and exciting? Do you live and breathe financial information? Then maybe, just maybe, we are looking for you. 

Our Wall Street clients are looking for Sales, Support, Product Managers, and Alliance Directors with unique skills. 

If you think you qualify, please contact us by phone (845) 667-6114. If you prefer to send it to us electronically, please click here

Are you tired of being sent for the same old kind of jobs? 

We specialize in unique and truly exciting opportunities for sales, support, and management in the Financial Information marketplace. 

Some of our current projects include:

This is only a partial list. Quite often we can help create the right situation for you if you are the right person. 

Our relationships with senior executives at most major vendors allow us to find the right opportunity to meet your specific needs.  So call or email - but get in touch with us NOW!



Robert A. Bernikow
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